It took me a while, but I’ve found a solution to the ‘what are you going to do with your life’ question: give a noncommittal shrug and jog the other way. I’m slowly making my way through life doing my best, doing a little bit of everything. So far, I’ve been a

Busboy  //  Cashier  //  Church Custodian  //  Cinema Usher  //  Copy Editor  //  Data Analyst //  Dishwasher //  Envelope Stuffer //  Floor Stocker  //  Hostess  //  Museum Programmer //  Reporter  //  Social Media Manager  //  Sound Technician  //  Stage Manager  //  Ticket Seller  //  Usher  //  Waiter

Previously Published

I’ve written NEWS for radio (WIUX) and newspaper (Indiana Daily Student), LIFESTYLE pieces for blog (the Tab) and magazine (Inside Magazine), and a TRAVEL piece for Indiana University’s website. I currently run the blog and social media for the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology in Bloomington, IN. I’ve also dipped my toe into editing video, audio, and graphics, samples of which are available by request.


I earned a double major in history and journalism from Indiana University (Go Hoosiers). I’m a native of southern Indiana, and a citizen of the world (do people really say that?).

Conversational fluency in Spanish. Fan of twentieth-century literature. And nineteenth-century literature. Literature in general. Near-encyclopedic knowledge of random ‘Star Trek’ facts.