A Day at Loveland Castle

August 18, 2018

A little town in Ohio harbors a hidden gem that seems entirely out of place in the middle of corn fields: a castle.

Built by Harry Andrews, a World War I veteran, Loveland Castle has been nestled on the banks of the Little Miami River since the 1920s. For just a few bucks, you can tour the interior of the castle, including a pretty sweet sword collection, and the grounds, where the tranquil garden is worth a stroll.


Andrews was inspired by castles he saw while fighting overseas in the First World War, and that passion for architecture and devotion to a life’s work really shines through. For more on the story, check out the castle’s website.

I love castles, and I’ve had the fantastic opportunity to travel to Europe to see a few up close and personal. And I have to say this place, with its incredible stone work, gorgeous old wood, and wonderful little armory, really reminded me of the castles of Spain. It even smelled the same, which I realize is kind of a strange thing to say.

Stairs at Alcazar
Stairs at the Alcázar in Segovia, Spain

Most of the time, castles were meant to serve as both a defensible position and a show of power; Loveland Castle, though, has a different feeling. You can tell it was a labor of love, that each stone was laid with a purpose –be it to disprove the naysayers, or for Andrews to prove to himself that it was even possible.

That’s a motive I very much respect, and I admire that one person could have that much persistence.

There’s not much at the museum, just a few rooms and a gift shop, and a little picnic area by the river, but it’s worth a gander down the steep (and somewhat treacherous) entrance road. Just make sure you’ve got your GPS handy, it’s easy to get lost and miss the entrance. I myself drove past it and had to turn around and scan the roadside for the sign, which has a tendency to blur into the trees.


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