NEWS: Week of Aug. 27

Here’s a selection of stories from the past week, as of Fri., Aug. 31:



After a UN investigation into the anti-Rohingya violence in Myanmar, officials say generals and other military leaders in the country should face charges of genocide and crimes against humanity in international court.

Violence in Nicaragua continues, as protestors and the military clash over President Daniel Ortega’s policies. UN officials are saying Ortega’s administration is responsible for the violence –including illegal arrests and torture, according to the UN report– and should stop the repression immediately.



Nearly 500 kids are still separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The online gaming community is in mourning this week after a shooting at a Madden tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, left three dead, including the alleged shooter, and 11 injured.  After targeting gamers with his shots, the alleged shooter –David Katz, 24– committed suicide. His motive is as yet unknown.

Several important primaries were held across America this week, including one that saw Florida nominate a Democratic gubernatorial candidate who, if he wins, would be the state’s first African-American governor –Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum. Immediately after, accusations of racist language were thrown at his Republican opponent, Rep. Ron DeSantis, and when you read what he said…yikes. The election in Arizona to replace outgoing Sen. Jeff Flake, R, was tight as the decision came down to a question of if the state wants another McCain-esque senator or not. Ultimately, establishment candidate Martha McSally won by catering heavily to the right.

Even worse news out of Puerto Rico than what we got last week. The governor update the death toll from Hurricane Maria yet ago –now it stands at nearly 3,000.



A very happy 100th birthday to Katherine Johnson, the black woman whose incredible mind and hand-crunched numbers got us to space and whose life, along with other equally-incredible African American women of NASA, was the basis for the book (and movie) “Hidden Figures.”



Playwright Neil Simon, the mind behind Broadway comedies like “The Odd Couple,” died this week aged 91.

I’m going to work at Disneyworld, where they just unveiled a new minimum wage: $15 an hour.

Aretha Franklin’s funeral was this week, and it was a time for celebration, tributes and fans to express just how much the Queen of Soul meant to them.


Thanks for reading.

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