Slice of Life: Chicago


Candy Shop: Dylan’s Candy Bar

Okay, so this place isn’t only in Chicago (there are locations up and down the East Coast, and one in LA) and they do a lot of business online, but give me a loophole on this one because their Chicago store has (or had, they’ve moved since I visited) a giant, colorful lollipop in the middle of the floor. It’s an explosion of bright lights and colors that momentarily blinds everyone who enters; and the candy flavors are nuts (pun intended). To give an example, I bought a friend of mine who loved bacon a bacon-flavored chocolate bar. The place is insane, there are flavors that make you shake your head and go, ‘yeah, I’d chocolate that,’ and then there are others (looking at you, Pizza Bar) that make you terrified, but so darned curious you have to try it.

Pub: Copper Fox Gastropub

At the time I visited the Copper Fox, I wasn’t yet 21 so I can’t speak to how the drinks are. The bartender was nice, though, so that’s probably a good sign. Their calamari is fantastic (and pretty decently priced, I might add), and the atmosphere was very cozy, but at the same time sleek. It was both a place you would go with your friends for a nice meal, and the next afternoon meet someone from the office to go over expense reports. Their biscuits are great –you’ve gotta know how to make a good biscuit, and they nailed it. And they have a cool Instagram. So.

Museum: Chicago History Museum

I know, this is a shocker. I love the Field Museum, but the city’s History Museum is so intimate and gives such a fascinating picture of the city’s history, it deserves this spot. The collection of artifacts they have on display, from cars to neon signs, to posters celebrating blues and jazz legends, to the dioramas from Chicago’s past –it’s just so cool.

Music of the Town

Everywhere I go, I listen to music. And that music gets associated with wherever I happen to be, both physically and emotionally, at that moment.

Here’s Chicago’s music:

Of Monsters and Men — Beneath the Skin

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