Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend saw Bloomington bustling with festivals and all sorts of reasons to get people out in the streets, and downtown to support local businesses.

While I’m sad I missed the Garlic Festival, I made use of the day off of work/class to hit some stores I didn’t usually get to, and enjoy some seasonal festivities.


This festival stretches up and down 4th Street, which is the food capital of Bloomington. Dozens of white tents line the street, offering paintings, ceramics, sketches, blown glass, clothing, and pretty much anything you can think of. At one end, the Bloomington Fire Department always does a cookout to raise money, and that mouthwatering smoke wafts over the entire scene. Since it’s Indiana in the fall, of course it rained –but the street quickly dried and, while the humidity was killer, it was all in all a lovely day of arts and crafts.

One of the best bookstores I’ve ever been to and easily my favorite in town, Caveat Emptor is always a treat to visit. There’s always a great selection of books on every subject you can think of –and if those books could talk, what stories they could tell (aside from the ones on their pages, of course). There are beautiful older books scattered around, which are always a delight to examine. This time around, I found a massive bible from 1878, with metal clasps on the side and an incredible inlaid cross on the cover.

  • A Day on the Town

During the week, I’m too busy with work and class to leave my apartment, and the weekends are usually a time to play desperate catch-up and maybe catch a little sleep. Luckily, this week I had a few friends in town to convince me to leave the stress nest I’d created and venture out into the sunshine. Bloomington is a beautiful town, and IU is a very tree-laden campus. It’s easy to ignore the nature when you’re rushing to class, or miss some of the hidden gems downtown. And frankly, sometimes it’s just nice to make a 2 a.m. trip to the 24-hour CVS down the street and marvel for a moment at the beauty of the neon sign in the window. The hardest thing for all of us to do is enjoy the little things, but when you really think about it that’s really all we have.



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