The P.U.N. Report: Episode 11

Whoa, this is still different. pardon the mess, this is the second of two abbreviated, text-based pun reports. regular programming will return next week.


  • After Parliament denied PM Theresa May’s most recent draft of the Brexit deal, it approved an extension of the leave date from March 29 to the end of June. They’re hoping to avoid a no deal exit, which would be a mess for all involved.
  • Shootings at two mosques in New Zealand left 49 people dead. The suspect, a white supremacist, live-streamed the attack to his Facebook.
  • Kids are angry about climate change –students staged walk-outs in what’s now a worldwide movement


  • Trump’s proposed budget and national emergency failed in the Senate like we thought it would, since he was asking for some $8 billion for the border wall. Trump vetoed the rejection, also like we thought he would. Now it ping-pongs back to the Senate to see if they can summon the needed majority to overturn the veto of the rejection of the proposed budget.

The Hill



  • NASA sent three astronauts to the ISS on Pi Day –at 3:14 p.m.

Thanks for tuning in.

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