“Remembering to Eat”

November 2, 2018

Content Warning:

If talking about eating and food in general is something that you’re sensitive about, that’s the subject of this post so I recommend skipping it.

TL;DR: Please take care of yourself.

Food is important.

For as much as I proclaim to love food, I sometimes forget that. I get so caught up with work that I go for hours without eating anything. I walk everywhere, but don’t drink a sip of water.

Then I nearly pass out and wonder why my head is throbbing.

This past summer provides a perfect example:

I was working two jobs –the first in the morning, the second in the afternoon/evening– and was going to an event one day to support a friend.

That morning, I went into my first job at 9 a.m. and got so busy I forgot to eat lunch at my usual time. Then I headed to my second job at 2 p.m. and worked until 6 p.m. After that I walked home, grabbed my car, and headed out of town for the event, which lasted from around 8 to 11 p.m. With drive time, I got back to town around midnight, and wondered why the trek had been so difficult and why my head felt like someone was repeatedly hitting it with a hammer.

Shocker: Because I hadn’t eaten anything all day, and it had been literally over 12 hours since my last meal.

I’d been so busy with work at my jobs that food hadn’t really even crossed my mind. And I’d spent $10 on a ticket to the event, so I felt guilty spending more money on food for myself (Hello College Student Money Mentality).

Not only is not eating for 12 hours an uncomfortable, un-fun idea, but it made driving very difficult. My attention wasn’t focused on my work. I zoned out during my friend’s performance. It affected every aspect of my day, including my physical health, and I didn’t even realize it at the time.

So if you get anything from this, it’s that eating is important. Food is important.

Pack a sandwich or a piece of fruit in your bag. Carry a protein bar. Stay hydrated. Stand up from your desk every once in a while, and know that you have no reason to feel guilty about it.

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely still will feel guilty about it –but it’s important to put your own health first. Physical (and mental) health affects literally every aspect of your daily life, from productivity at work to how much joy you get from what should be a joyful event.

Not getting sufficient nutrition can really hurt you in more ways than just making your stomach grumble.

So I’ll echo my TL;DR and end this by saying –Please take care of yourself.

And I promise I’ll try to do the same.