I believe in the freedom of information.

I was fortunate to study research-driven disciplines at a university that allowed me access to a wealth of materials. I hope by sharing my projects, past and present, I may help others in the course of their own pursuit of knowledge.

Luckily, a lot of researchers agree with me. It’s always worth reaching out to a professor or an article author or an archivist to see if you can have access to a certain piece of information. More than likely, they’ll want to help you.

Past Projects

“Archaeology and the Press: Following Newspaper Coverage of the Angel Mounds Historic Site,” Jan.–May 2019

  • A project about newspaper coverage of the 1938-39 purchase of what would later become the Angel Mounds State Historic Site near Evansville, IN. In addition to presenting my findings at the Midwestern History Conference in Grand Rapids, MI (May 2019), I created a finding aid for future researchers using the archive at the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology in Bloomington, IN.

“‘A ‘Nobody’ with a Sword and Shield’: The Rise of ‘Dungeons & Dragons,’” Jan.–May 2019

  • A project investigating the history of ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ and its rise to pop culture infamy. Under the guidance of a faculty advisor, I worked with newspaper articles; spoke with current and former gamers and game designers; and interviewed contributors and editors of game zines from the height of wargames’ popularity.

“Fatality!: ‘Mortal Kombat’ Goes to Congress,” Aug.–Dec. 2018

  • A project chronicling the 1993 congressional hearings regarding violence in video games. I did a wide-ranging study using sources from newspaper articles to Senate testimony, to scientific studies on the physiological effect of video games, which I ultimately presented to a group of fellow scholars (April 2019).

“The P.U.N. Report,” Jan.–Sept. 2019

  • A weekly satirical news podcast that nearly made it a whole year before reality caught up to me. Each week contained a page of links to sources used. TBD if it will continue in the future.