The P.U.N. Report: Episode 10

Whoa, this is different. Pardon the mess, I’m away from my microphone this week and next, so prepare for two abbreviated and text-based P.U.N. Reports.


  • An update on Brexit: the March 29 deadline is looming and a deal is still up in the air. Water is wet.
  • Satellite images seem to indicate North Korea is rebuilding a nuclear test site it previously claimed to have dismantled, just days after the Kim-Trump summit in Vietnam. The summit left both parties in pretty much exactly the same place they were before the meeting, with Kim not willing to meet Trump’s demands of denuclearization, and Trump not willing to lift sanctions on North Korea.


  • A series of tornados tore through Alabama, leaving at least 23 dead and 7 missing.
  • NPR published an investigation into FEMA fund allocation, showing preference given to white-dominated communities.
  • Say what you will about America’s teenagers, but this chart paints them in a pretty good light, vice-wise.
  • This week, the U.S. trade deficit hit a record high –$891.3 billion.

The Hill

  • Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) revealed she was sexually assaulted during her time in the Air Force, saying more needs to be done to fix a broken system of reporting and cover-ups.
  • That New Yorker article about the Fox News White House happened.
  • Hillary Clinton is officially out of the 2020 race, and I’ve already lost count of those who say they’re in. 



Thanks for tuning in.