The P.U.N. Report: Episode 14

Hey y’all, I’m sick this week and my voice sounds terrible, so it’s another transcript version. Enjoy, I guess.


Parliament voted again on Monday to narrow down options for the impending Brexit from the European Union, and once against couldn’t really agree on anything. This comes after last week’s third defeat of PM Theresa May’s proposed deal. With the EU saying a no-deal Brexit is likely (which would be bad), May crossed the aisle to the Labour Party for help getting a deal, an extension on the leave date or literally anything done. Her party was pretty pissed, but a no-deal prevention bill was struck in the House of Commons. If it passes the House of Lords, it will help get a 12-month extension and to give the UK time to figure something out.

Brunei imposed a law allowing for people found guilty of adultery or being gay to be stoned to death. And they’re not the only country in which being gay is punishable by death. Seriously.


Forty-three dancers took over part of the BBC building to do an incredibly mesmerizing dance in a single take.

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