The P.U.N. Report: Interlude


2020’s a right shit-show, so the below interlude isn’t accurate. Instead, though I do plan to do podcast-based interviews moving forward, it will not be happening as described below. But, for posterity, I’m including the original plan to go along with the original episodes of season 1.


The PUN Report is going to be a bit different moving forward. Doing the broad sweeping summaries of world news didn’t make me feel like I was actually accomplishing much of anything; instead, it usually just made me more depressed than I already am (which is, admittedly, an impressive feat). So the Report will be Different, because I need to do something Different. 

It will now be a biweekly, more focused report on a single topic. It will eventually include comments and interviews with relevant sources, as well as, occasionally, my own comment (well-marked as such, of course). 

It will still be in podcast form, accompanied by a written script with links to sources.

If you don’t want that, and would prefer just a general overview of world news: cool beans, whatever floats your boat. There are plenty of newsletters from upstanding news sources with a much better budget than me to which you’re welcome to subscribe.

No news is positively unbiased. We’re human. Though the name of the show remains the same, it will reflect my ever-evolving ideals about what it means to be a journalist, a writer and a truth-seeker, and what it means to report the news.

This will be a period of flux, don’t expect a Report for a few months while I figure my shit out.

Thanks for continuing on in this journey.

See you in 2020.